Saturday, December 28, 2013

Square in a Square Quilt!

I thought it was about time I actually posted this - seeing that this quilt was given to my baby sister for her 21st back in September this year!

You might recall that this quilt started out as a Bee block back in October 2012 - or you can read about it here!  It is funny how this quilt has changed my thoughts of quilts - originally I believed that quilts should be made and stored in a cupboard where you occasionally got them out to view and stroke before lovingly putting them away again. But now at the completion of this quilt - I truly believe that they are to be used and adored on a daily basis , with how quickly it is worn out stating how much it was simply loved!

The pieced blocks before I added a black border........

...nothing like a little photogenic person to brighten up a shot!

I knew this big wooden front fence would come in handy for something one day. Just please remind me next time I want to take some photos to possibly de-cobweb it first!

And now the completed quilt after being gifted. I didn't get time to take photos first - so I was very lucky when Mum reminded me to take some before I left the family farm!

Up close showing the quilting job that Jenny did.

And a pieced backing (in Mum's words - cause that is what patchworkers do isn't it????)

There are a few thankyou's to be made in regard to creating this quilt. Firstly to Jane from Where Jane Creates for drafting the block up and giving me some invaluable advice on block construction etc. Then to the other 11 Bee members from my Bee group on FB - I only asked for 1 block in either the green or the purple colourway - yet they all sent me one of each! The quilting was done by Jenny McAdam who went above and beyond her role as the quilter to field many a distraught phone call about sizing and fabric batting and backing! And last but not least to Kristy from Quiet Play who (along with a little help from Marieka and Jane) taught me how to do a complete machine bound binding. 

I should also mention that my sister is totally in love with her new quilt! It now takes the place of the very first (and not proper) patchwork quilt I made her all those years ago in high school. I have a very unique and special bond with my sister - being, I was an only child of 15 years before she came along and "cramped" my style. You see my sister has two patchwork quilts - yet neither of my children or myself have one! She also has a teddy bear that I made her - yet neither of my children or myself have one. She is my sister and also one of my dearest and most cherish friends. Quite often when she asks me for advice I give her two sets - the older adult and now a parent myself version and then the carefree funloving sisterly version.

Anyway, now my big delima is what quilt to work on now???? Do I finish one of the quilts I currently have started on my design wall, do I cut into that Pezzy print Jelly Roll quilt from Busy Thimbles or do I start a completely new quilt from all those pins on Pinterest???????? 

Actually.........Hey Kristy!!!!!!!! How do you feel about designing me a Paper pieced set of Longhorns???????? Seems my baby brother would like a quilt too! LOL!