Sunday, December 28, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Once again I have been missing in action for quite some time - but this time it has been due to extreme busyness! 

I have been busy sewing away for a recent local Homemade Market and then it was also onto my Christmas sewing.

Did everybody have a good Christmas???? Are you gearing up for a big New Year, or are you like me and planning on staying home with the family and if I am lucky do some sewing?????

Here are a few photos of what I have been up too......

I made 4 snuggle blankets from Polar Fleece/Minky. Next time I make one I really should write up a tute for it as they are so simple to make. These four are currently for sale on my FB page - Made By Kelly .They make perfect Baby shower or newborn baby gifts and the beauty of these is that when they get dirty you just chuck it in the washing machine and then in the dryer and you have a gorgeous soft fluffy snuggle blanket again.

A Mickey Mouse Coffee Snugglie and matching keyfob for one of my SIL's. 

A Lego bellied Dinosaur (using the Dolls and Daydreams pattern) for one of my nephews. I also made an Orange Dinosaur for my other nephew and a hedgehog for my niece.

An Organizer for my MIL - perfect for holding all important bits and pieces in your handbag.

I made heaps more - including Coaster Chooks, Pencil rolls, Fabric Keyfobs and laynyards, Sleep shorts, diary covers etc etc - it just seems in all my haste to get everything done, I forgot to take photos. OH well - next time!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Bonnie & Camille Charm Along

Hi All!

A couple of weeks ago I participated in the Bonnie & Camille Charm Along that the delightful Ms Midge hosted. Camille Rosskelly is one of my Top 5 designers - so not participating would have been like not having that much needed cuppa of the morning.  

Despite my best effort - I wasn't able to complete my whole top in time for the linky signups - but at least I had made a good attempt - much better than my Kate Spain Charms, which are currently sitting in a plastic snap lock bag waiting to be made into squares.

I used the Moda Bake Shop pattern called interwoven - I saw it somewhere in Blog land and just fell in love with it straight away!

I have another 8 rows to add to the bottom before adding a white border. I snavelled up some red n white minky for the backing from my local Spotlight at a crazy $3 per metre. 

This quilt is an over sized lap quilt - perfect for our white iron day bed that is now in our lounge room - all because the kids underbed Lego table didn't fit under the futon bed that we already had, but that is another story altogether. 

Anyway, so linking up to Bonnie & Camille Charm Along over at Ms Midge.

Ms Midge

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A super quick SNUGGLE quilt.....

3 HOURS!!!!!

Yep you read that right - it took me just under 3 hours to whip this little snuggle quilt up for a friends 40th recently. Honestly it took me longer to measure the squares out then it did to sew it all up.

Please excuse the mess in the background and just focus on the quilt - LOL.

This is the first time that I have ever used minkie as the backing on a quilt and I must say that I am now a convert.

Despite having perfectly met corners - I still added some button features, which also gave a bit more stability to the quilt sandwhich and will ensure that the backing won't move about over time!

The recipient just loved it and immediately went and put it on her new black leather lounge.  So I am super chuffed - not to mention I am still on a high for making this super quick and the fact that I have my sewjo back! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

LOST - My Mojo!

Does this happen to any one else???? I have the afternoon to myself and had planned on sewing - but I just can't seem to find my Mojo!

I even have my blinkers on and am ignoring the dirty dishes in the sink, the dishwasher that needs emptying, the overflowing washing basket and a small pile of recycling that nobody has bothered to carry out to the recycling bin. Oh and I think the fire has gone out and we are out of kindling.

I have music, I have caffeine and chocolate and I have a variety of projects to choose from being quilts, pencil rolls, PJ's etc etc all at various stages begging to be finished - but I just can't seem to find the energy to get going. I even have an adorable Owl softie that is only waiting to have a small seam stitched closed before it can go to its new home.

Living with a chronic illness, I should be used to running out of steam when I am having a flare up, but now I am just finding that I am bitterly disappointed with myself and even on the verge of tears. Oh dear!

Has anybody got any suggestions on how I can get myself out of this slump and reclaim my MOJO!!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A birthday gift.....

Hi All!

I recently found myself in a position where I either had to pull my socks up pretty quick and 
finish a rather large project for a birthday present or create a new and much smaller project. Over a much needed cup of Earl Grey Tea, I decided to make my friend a mini quilt to use both as a trivet under her teapot when she uses it or hung as a wall hanging when not in use.

I adored the Sew Kitchy pattern range the moment that Kristy released it and make sure that I grab them whilst they are in their "Free" month. You can check out more over on Kristy's blog Quiet Play.

It truly was a dream pattern to put together - even for this very Paper Pieced Challenged person! LOL I stuck to a very retro colouring that I knew would suit my friend's Kitchen area. 

Actually I am kind of sad that I have given this away - as I am very pleased with myself for how it turned out. Although my friends just adores it and used it straight away!

Linking up with this week's Paper Piecing party over on Kristy's blog here!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Reproducing like.... RABBITS!

Anyone else out in blog land been hit with the bleek coldness that Mother Nature seems to have thrown at Australia????  We were caught off guard and have not a single piece of firewood ready for the winter season - so the youngest and I are snuggled up in bed, watching movies and snuggling under the doona.

Now that Easter is well and truly over I can share with you these little cuties that I made my kidlets as part of their massive Easter haul!

I snatched up this pattern - The Carrot Club from The Red Boot Quilt Company when it was on sale for their Four Dollar Friday deal. I must admit that I am becoming somewhat of a PDF pattern collector since I discovered their Four Dollar Friday and have a growing collection of both softie and quilt patterns from this company.

I had so much fun making these and wouldn't hesitate to make them again as the pattern instructions were very easy to follow and not to forget the full size pattern pieces.  The only thing that I would change would be the sizing - next time I think I will increase the size and make a much bigger and snugglier bunny!

As for the verdict from the kidlets - they just adore them.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's an honour.......

OK - so I am sitting here with the left side of my face on my left shoulder from a massive jaw infection thanks to a hole in one of my teeth! (Yes lesson learnt the hard way - always go to the dentist before it gets this bad).

Anyway, last month I was contacted by the lovely Deb from a Quilters Table who was asking for my permission to feature one of my blocks as part of a 22 Favourite Quilt Blocks post that she was organising on the Sew Mama Sew blog.

Talk about being totally humbled, as she had chosen my Road to Fortune Block that I picked as part of a Queen Bee group that I was involved with last year.

Here is the block again in case you can't remember how it looked.... or check out the original post here!

I am sad to say that this is how the quilt is currently going! Just four blocks on my design wall begging to be added to and then mad into a gorgeous bright scrappy quilt!

See what I hadn't counted on was that all printers automatically print the pattern pieces to whatever setting they are set to - so this resulted in all my blocks with the exception of 4 being different sizes. No problems though as I am planning on using the odd sized ones on the back as a bit of a feature.  I think if I was to run this block again as a Bee block, I would print all the paperwork and then send the templates off to each person. That way I can guarantee that the sizing will all be the same.

Before I go any further I really need to thank the delightful Cathy from The Blueberry Patch who was the inspiration behind this quilt. Check out her post here that set the wheels in motion for my Road to Fortune quilt. And we wont even start to talk about the number of quilts that have been added to my one day I want to make list all because I have seen it on Cathy's blog!

See, told you these blocks are clinging on my Design Wall! Hmmm, I really think I need to do a tidy up of my sewing space before I start sewing again! LOL

Anyway, just thought you would all like to share in my exciting news as I am still waiting for my feet to touch the ground! I mean really - me! Little Ol me with almost no Patchwork experience!

And as for my Paper piecing mentors - Kristy, Jane and Marieka - are you all the slightest bit proud!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Look what I found.....

I know I am on a self imposed fabric ban and I probably should have held this post off until a Sunday Stash, but I am just sew sew excited by this find that I had to share it with you all NOW!!!!!

We have a dreaded viral infection going through our house at the moment - so imagine my delima when on Wednesday I had both kids home from school sick and then our power went out for scheduled maintenance! Bugger Bum Poop!

You see - because we live on a farm - without power, we can't flush the toilet or even get a glass of water without electricity to run the house pump. And to to it all off, because our tank is underground - we can't even manually get any water!

So here I was stuck at home in the dark with two sick kids! EEK!!!!! Normally I would have taken them to the park to play or down to the beach - but neither of them had any extra energy to run around and play. So... we decided to go Op Shop Hopping!

The kids between them got some books to read and the Monopoly Board game - the Australian Edition. But the biggest and bestest find of the day was mine..... ALL MINE!

Check out this total yumminess of Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey. The charm pack was $8.00, $1.50 for the red FQ and only $5.00 for the yard of blue birds on mushrooms! OMG - this range has been on my drool list for ages now.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I should use my precious Walk in the Woods goodies???? Feel free to leave me a comment or even a link in the comment section below!

But wait.... there was still even more yumminess to be found!

I also picked up 2 charm packs of Blush for yep $8.00 each, a Melly & Me Ladybird pattern for $1.00 and then this sweet 2.5" charm pack of Avalon.

Despite my spending whilst on my ban, I was very well contained and managed to leave lots of other yummy goodness behind.

Now I should be saying I had hurry up and go and hide all of this before the Hubby gets home - but truth be told - I was sew sew excited that I showed him before he had even gotten fully in the front door when he popped home for some more fencing gear. LOL.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hmm.... Patchwork in Scouting!

Is there something wrong with this picture??????

Or does everyone use their quilting rulers to find the dead center of their Scout Shirt sleeves so they can position their badges ready for sewing?????

Poor hubby thinks that now I am a Joey Scout Leader that I may actually want to camp and do lots of out doorsy type off stuff! 

Boy is he wrong!!!!

I am already planning my camp blanket with some Riley Blake Camp A Lot charm squares and a bag to hold all  attendance book etc featuring the gorgeous Australian Animal Paper Piecing patterns that Kristy from Quiet Play has designed.  Oh and I can't  forget my mess kit with matching tea towel, cutlery bag and coffee snuggly that I am planning on making as soon as I have finished sewing the badges on my shirt!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

ALYOF - February Roundup

I am really disappointed with my results from February! Mind you I shouldn't be considering I spent most of the month in bed with a migraine and then a lovely head cold that the kidlets and hubby decided to share with me.

Mind you I did get a couple of projects finished - so I shouldn't be too hard on myself.

I managed to complete the mushroom rattle to go with some other bits and pieces to send to a new niece on Hubby's side. I love making these cute mushrooms - they are a Dolls and Daydream pattern and take next to no time to whip up.  I did change red fabrics - as I thought this check was a lot nicer then the other piece that I had originally picked out.

I also managed to make Miss Moo's headband for school. This was a project that I had been wanting to do for years and was only motivated by her last short bob hair cut which keep falling into her eyes and bugging me to pieces. 
# Please excuse the really bad photos - they were taken before 7am this morning and before anybody was really truly awake #

I also finally finished the bag I made for my swap partner in the Valentines Day Swap. I was very late in sending mine (I apologise Lianne) as I wasn't well enough to sit at the machine to finish it. 

So I suppose 3 out of 6 tasks weren't too bad considering my health in February. Just means that I won't have too think to hard on what to set as my tasks for March - LOL.

Now I would have linked up the A Lovely Year of Finishes Linky - but it closed on the last day of the month and I totally forgot to write this post. Whoops - still not quite back to my usual self.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

February - ALYOF

WOW - I can't believe that February is upon us already!

I managed to go all January without any fabric purchases - but had to do a bit of fabric shopping on 1st Feb to finish my 2 swap items so I could get them in the mail. 

As for what projects I am planning on doing for Feb - I am eager to set myself a quilting project but on the other hand, I have a birthday present, a new birth present and a few other little things that I have been putting off that I would like to see gone from my cutting table to make way for more fun items. Feb is also a short month and I have hubby working one weekend and away for Scout training another - so less sewing time for me.

Anyway, I am proposing that for the month of Feb I shall complete........

# Sleep shorts & PJ bottoms for my brother for his birthday.

# A mushroom rattle as part of a new niece birth present.

# Hairband for Moo in her School fabric

# My terracotta pin pot


# At least 1 block from Will's ABC quilt or Mum's Everyday Angel quilt.

Hopefully I can achieve all of this. The mushroom, hairband and pin pot are really quick simple items that I had been planning on making for a while now - but keep putting off even though I know they really are only 1/2 hour to an hour job. So the only real work will be in the birthday present for my brother and the quilt block.

Linking up to Fiber of All Sorts!

Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 Roundup!

YAY - I am so excited to say that the three goals that I set myself for the month of January have been finished!

My January 2014 goals are here!

You have all seen Will's John Deere PJ's from the previous post.

I used the Easy McCall's M6099 pattern and it was simply that - an easy pattern. Although I did add some extra length the pattern pieces as I wanted a more board short length.

I finished making these the morning that Will was to wear them for the Australia Day celebrations at his Pre-school. Unfortunately in the rush I forgot to take photos and he hasn't worn them since!

Miss Moo's gorgeous ruffle skirt! This was a smashing hit and she couldn't wait to wear it. I was truly relieved to have finished this as we purchased the fabric back in January 2012. Better late then never I suppose.

The QCA  Bee #1 December Bee block for the very patient Kate! It is a paper pieced block called Caldonia which I found on the Craftsy website!

Due to health and family commitments - I have decided to leave QCA Bee #1. So this relieved me from having to complete a January 2014 block. A huge thank you to the lovely lady that is filling my position, ensuring that I don't let the other members down.

My other two goals were for the Sweet Pouch Swap and the Valentines Day Swap - but just in case either of my lovely partners read my blog, I won't post any information until I have received confirmation that they have been received. 

Lining up with ALYOF!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

One January finish down!

So far I am off to a good start - I have been able to finish Will's John Deere PJ's!

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this pattern and would use it again, although I would need to go up a size next time for Will - meaning I would have to buy a new pattern. I loved how the pants are only two pieces all up - so no side seam! 

I ended up making the Summer Baseball style set.

To help determine the front to the back - I place small pieces of ribbon at the back to represent the tag you would find on normal shop brought clothes. I got this idea from one of my close friends who did this to a pair of PJ bottoms she made me - I thought it was a brilliant idea!

I am still not 100% sure if I made the right choice here - I couldn't find my white interfacing and didn't want to travel into town to Spotlight (just in case it was too tempting to resist fabric) so I just used some black instead.

I also used snap closures instead of buttons for a few reasons. 
1 - I am scared to try them on my new sewing machine. 
2 - Time was against me if Will was to wear these at our weekend away.
3 - Hubby actually does all my snap closures for me.
and the most important.
4 - Will loves being able to wear a proper shirt without needing help to put it on!

I still have heaps of this fabric left over - even though I have made Hubby a pair of sleep shorts and now Will's PJ's. I am still umming and arghing whether to de-stash the excess or just leave it in my stash for future PJ's for Will in a bigger size!

Now, I had better get a wriggle on those Australia Day shorts for Will - as he needs them for Pre-school this Friday! And not to forget Miss Moo's ruffle skirt for her birthday this Wednesday! And I had better get a wriggle on with my two swaps as the post date is only 11 days away now! YIKES!!! Where has my January gone??????