Wednesday, June 20, 2012

April Queen Bee block!

Thought I would share with you all what I have been up to the last couple of days! Amongst the mammoth task of house cleaning so everything is spick and span for when my Mum arrives for her visit this Sunday, I have been trying to catch up on some of my outstanding swaps (yep still)!  I must learn to limit myself somewhat! LOL

Anyhow, I have gotten a bit behind on my Queen Bee Blocks - with both April, May and June outstanding! This is a brilliant group that I belong to on FaceBook and it is what they call in the Quilting world as a hive!  Each month is allocated to a member and we all make a block that she has chosen, then we send the completed block to that member who in turn puts them all together to make a quilt. Have I lost anyone yet?

So I thought I had better start catching up and make the April blocks for a very patient Sue who was starting to put her quilt together. Sue had chosen a gorgeous bright Rainbow coloured Starflower block. We followed the tutorial over at Ellison Lane Quilts, which provided easy photo step by step instructions. 

It took me two days to finally get these two blocks matching almost perfectly.  I had to do a fair bit of reverse sewing as well as even cut out some more pieces.  All in all, I am chuffed with the end result and have decided that this is not a block that I am planning on making soon! Not to bad for a beginner quilter though!

Before I sign off, remember the mug rug from my last post???? Well it has finally reached Bev - who is estatic and just loves it.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing this! 

I also added a nice tea cup filled with a Choccie assortment and some Twinings Individual tea sachets in the parcel as well!

Now off to do more housework, washing and if I am good, I may even be able to attempt the May Queen Bee block today as well.

Cheers Kel

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mug Rug Swap - Sneak Peek

Hi All!

I had an interesting day at home today with the little fellow and Miss Snow! Not much of anything going on in particular - a lot of ABC Kids watching though and some time outside to let Miss Snow have a green feed pick whilst we collected some kindling for the fire.

I did however manage to finish a rug mug that I was making for a swap on the FB group page - Quilting Club Australia, that was due (shhhhh - Mid May).  I have been partnered up with a lovely lady and now friend Bev. It was really fun to find out what Bev likes/dislikes etc in order to make her a rug that she will hopefully use for years to come.

Because I haven't posted this little parcel yet - I can only show you all a sneak peak.

I can tell you that it feels fantastic to finally have finished one of the many WIPs (Work in Progress) that I have piling up on my cutting table. I kept putting each step off as I was unsure whether it was right or not - silly me!  Hopefully Bev will adore her little Mug Rug and the few other surprises that I have put in with it. I will post a picture of the completed rug once I get confirmation that it has arrived. Now that it is finished I can sit back and enjoy the thrill for mine to arrive - hmmm, I wonder what she has made me?????

Mind you my delima now is whether or not this little mug rug is big enough or even technical enough to enter into the UFO Challenge - June 2012. Decisions decisions! LOL

Cheers Kel

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome to my little blog!

Hi All!

Well I have finally done something that I have been saying that I would for ages now!
I have created this little blog so I can show you all the other wonderful creations that I make whether it be sewing, craft, home decorating or my baking indulgence. I plan to show you all my works in progress, finished items, share some of my favourite recipes and cookbooks and not to mention write about the adventures of the travelling stashes and swaps that I am involved with this year.

This blog will also support my FaceBook page - Made by Kelly, where I have a range of cards, embellishments, coffee snugglies and other items that I have made for sale.

Please bear with me, whilst I learn how to juggle two blogs, a small business, a party plan consultancy and not to mention a hubby and two children. LOL. Oh and I had better not forget Snow White the lamb that I am currently bottle feeding.

Miss Snow White!

So hopefully you will enjoy my little blog as it gets up and running.

Cheers Kel