Tuesday, August 21, 2012

June Queen Bee #2 Block

The amazing and very talented Kristy from Quiet Play has been nice enough to help me catch up on my outstanding Queen Bee #2 blocks and offered to do my June block - which was a paper piece block selected by Tracey Rampling from The Peony Teacup

So all I can take credit for in this gorgeous block is choosing the fabrics from my stash!

My apologies for the blurry photo - I was simply trying to enlarge it enough so you could see it a bit better.

I love the colour combination - but not sure this would be something I would make in the future!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

July Queen Bee #2 Block

WOW - I have been on a roll getting up to date with my Queen Bee #2 blocks.
Although I have to thank the amazing Kristy from Quiet Play, who has very kindly offered to make my June block for me as the paper piecing totally balked me and she also said that she had wanted to give the block a go anyway.

Well, onto the July block for the lovely Anorina from Samelia's Mum!

Our brief was to create a modern-ish star block using Black through to Grey, White and Orange.  So using trusty google, I found a great tut for a Wonky Star block over at The Silly BooDilly!

I am really happy with the way it turned out. Although not a great picture - but I used two different oranges - one plain and one patterned.  It is also a lot brighter in real life.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Christmas in July Handmade Swap!

YAY! My partner Fiona from Finding Fifth has finally received her Christmas In July Handmade Swap, so I can post some photos for you all to see or you could even read Fiona's post about it here!

I must admit I had some help from one of Fiona's friends - who provided me with Fiona's Pinterest details so I could stalk her on there.  It was there on her boards - that I discovered Fiona's love for felt Christmas tree decorations. BINGO!!!! I had hit the jackpot and knew straight away what I wanted to make. 

I ended up making 2 of each design. Got to love my stash of Kaszazz buttons that came in handy for this project - mind you I think I am going to put forward to head office that I would love a Christmas pack with Red, Dark & Light Greens and white!

I also whipped up a little bag for them to be stored in when they were not in use.

Plus what Christmas In July gift would it be - without a Christmas card to match!

All the goodies bundled up and ready to go!

I just want to say a big Thankyou to Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts who organised this fantastic little swap!  I had a ball working on this.

As for who my swap partner is or what they have made for me - I will just have to be a little more patient until it arrives in the mail.

Beanbags for Playgroup!

Remember how I had weight issues with Sasha the Travelling Stash and how I felt so bad for taking more than I put in?????  Anyway it was suggested that maybe some of the extras that I took out could be given/donated to a local charity etc.

Well - I did just that. Our local playgroup which only consists of 4 Mums and 5 kids was only just talking the other day about some games that we could play with the kids that would help teach them some fine motor skills. It got me thinking and I decided to make some small bean bags for them to use balancing on their heads or throwing into small buckets etc.

So I put these two ideas together and used 2 of the FQ's that I took from Sasha and turned them into 8 very bright and colorful bean bags for Playgroup!  I used Split peas as the filler and they have such an awesome feel to them in your hand - or on your head (Yes I had to make sure that they would work) LOL!

I am sure the kids are going to love playing with these, as my two, Miss 8 and Mr 3 have already been playing with them!  So a big thankyou to Sasha and all her contributors who have in turn helped me donate something useful and needy to our local playgroup.

May Queen Bee #2 Block!

Boy O Boy am I really behind on my Queen Bee blocks. I am so lucky that the group I am in have been very patient and understanding of my tardiness.  Anyway, so it was a goal of mine to have the three (May, June & July) blocks done by the end of the weekend.

May's block belongs to the lovely Phillipa Clarke from Needles in the Haystack and she chose a Mock Needle Turned applique block.  EEK! I have done both hand and machine applique in the past but not Mock needle turned.  I don't know what I was worried for though, cause Phillipa had a great instruction post here and also provided a link here from Sew Cal Gal on how to do the Mock needle turn part.

Phillipa even provided all the Queen Bee #2 participants with the precut green hearts and iron on pellon as well as the stem piece - so all we had to do was add the white backing square. I choose a lovely bright white with a small white floral print to it.

I really did surprise myself on how easy this block really was - actually I am rather ashamed with myself for not getting around to it sooner.  As for the Mock Needle Turned Applique technique - I think it is something that I may use later on down the track in my quilting projects.