Thursday, August 8, 2013

WIP Wednesday

OK - so it is really Thursday here in Australia - but can I claim that I am blogging on American dates & times! LOL!

WIP's needing to be done before our holiday in September:
35 x Inspirational journals (Commissioned order - materials are now here)
16 x Ladybug Eye masks (For a Scrapbooking retreat - have fabric & pattern)
Baby Harrison's Lego Bunting (part of his birth present - have fabric)
Eryn's Square in a square quilt (it's her 21st present)
Finally managed to do a layout sketch and work out exactly how many purple and green blocks I need. Have since made another 6 purple ones with only 10 more purple ones needed! I brought some more fabric to ensure that I now have enough to make all the blocks.
Everyday Angel quilt (it's Mum's birthday present)
I managed to finish another block and have assembled the next block with only the appliqué and embroidery to do on this one.

Other WIP's
Chook Coasters & matching table runner - fabric chosen
Umberella pouch - pattern copied, fabric chosen  Paper Peicing completed - now need to construct the pouch
Easy As ABC QAL - fabric chosen for F-J
And Sew We Craft MQAL - August Block
Queen Bee #1 - August Block for Alyce
Sweet Pouch Swap - I was lucky enough to get Gemma from Pretty Bobbins as my partner
FQS 2013 Designer BOM - Both Block 1 & 2 to complete and I am sure that Block 3 will be billed soon!

Completed WIP's
Knitted Bed runner - onto the last ball now. - COMPLETED!
Easy As ABC QAL - fabric chosen for A-E  A-E COMPLETED!

And to throw an even bigger hammer in the works - I have accepted to be on the Kaszazz stand at the Craft Alive Expo here in Coffs Harbour and then to also do a Mega Demo a fortnight later!
Lord give me the strength to pull all of this off!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

All work and NO PLAY!!!!

I have been driving myself insane the last couple of weeks trying to get these two quilts ready for Sept, as well as work on the my two commissioned jobs also for Sept. I had a severe case of All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

So instead of spacking it completely, I decided to do something fun and finally paper piece my umbrella that I have had sitting on my cutting table for god knows how long now. 

It is all Kristy from Quiet Play's fault!
LOL - this is one of her patterns (which you can get here) and she made the cutest little Rainy Day Money Pouch with it when she first released the pattern! As for me, I simply fell in love and just knew that I had to make one for myself.

The block by itself! Not a great join there on the handle piece - but I am happy with it and am damn proud of myself for finally biting the bullet and making it.

The block with the fabrics that I have also had sitting in the pile waiting to create my own little Savings for a Rainy day pouch.  As for the construction of that pouch - well that is another spack attack day down the future. So in the mean time this poor tiny block is looking very lonely and lost on my massive design wall.

Sunday Stash #74

Hmmm, pulling my newest additions out for photographing, I was suddenly aware that my fabric addiction was running somewhat in overdrive this week! LOL - WHOOPS!

I was in Spotlight today with Miss 9 and Mr 4 when Miss 9 announces to everybody that "Daddy said you weren't allowed to buy any more fabric until you started using some of what you had" to which Mr 4 quickly replied...."Well yes - but he isn't here.... is he? So Mummy is the boss now!" LOL 
Note to Hubby - seems that Scout State Rally trip cost you a little more than you expected LOL.

Anyway, onto the hoard load of photos.....
(And I probably should say a huge thanks to Hubby for buying me an El Cheapo camera to keep me out of mischief whilst he is gone - loves ya!)

My Spotlight trip today yielded......

Some more lime green and hot purple fabric to finish the main blocks on my sisters quilt. I am hoping to have the top finished next weekend so I can send it off to the quilters with plenty of time.

I simply could not walk pass the two on the left - they were only $4.99 normal price! So with SL's 40% off sale today - they were a great price to add to my stash. The right fabric is part of the Woodland Whimsy range that I am using in the Sew We Craft MQAL. I would prefer to use the damask print in the range for my scrappy border - but am happy to settle with this if need be.

Isn't this just the prettiest fabric you have seen! Yeah OK, perhaps it is not everyone's taste - but this is destined for little old me to make myself a pair of lounge pants/PJ bottoms. Perhaps even teamed with some of the left hand prints from above! I am not a huge Eiffel Tower fan - but when I saw this I just had to get some. It also comes in a teal colour which was also very tempting.

This little piece was such a cutie and at only $3.00 a metre I can see a cute Pillowcase top or two from this for a few little girls that I know.

OK, now on to some fabric that I brought from a FB page called OZARK in America. It is pretty sad that even with postage - these fabrics still work out much much cheaper than if I get them here in Australia.

A FQ Timeless Treasure bundle. I am thinking a mug rug set or even mini quilt out of these.

Some blenders to add into my stash.

I love this duo. Not 100% on what I am going to make with this yet. Perhaps a pair of Sailor Shorts for Miss 9 if I could find a size 10-12 pattern! Anybody know of a good one? Feel free to leave me the link!

And I have finally succumbed and added some Chevron love into my stash. 

Linking up to Sunday Stash over at What the Bobbin this week!