Thursday, May 30, 2013

Modern Blocks Quilt-a-long!

YAY! After almost a month of choosing fabric and then finally getting the nerve to actually start it - I have finally finished my very first block in the And Sew We Craft - Modern Blocks Quilt-a-long.

You can find out more about this Quilt-a-long here!

But in a nut shell it will be 1 block per month over a 12 month period = finished quilt top.
The blocks are coming from the book Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favourite Designers, compiled by Suzanne Woods.

The Book Depository currently have it on sale for $21.70 with its usual free postage world wide.
This book is on my drool want need wish list! Feel free to buy it for me if you wish - you can find it here.
You don't need to buy the book - as there will be posts with instructions for each block - but the cover just looks so inviting and I think it would be a good book to have on the shelf for future quilting reference. 

As I mentioned in one of my Sunday Stash posts - I plan to make this quilt for a very special friend who is always there for me and nothing is ever a problem for her. Truly a friend to cherish for life. An added bonus is that our hubbies both get along as to do our kids .  

I have decided to go with a range of solids, using light grey homespun for my base and also a small amount of the Woodland Whimsy range from Spotlight.  I have chosen these colours from a large wall hanging that my friend has in her lounge room, it is basically a deep brown with green. She did explain to me the significance the other night - but to be honest that was after we had had the contents of a bottle of wine and I really can't remember. I will try and sneakily steal a photo of it one day to show you all.

The first block is - Follow the leader! You can find the post about it here.

I have never ever sewn flying geese before and was very nervous about it - but overall I am very happy with my attempt. I did originally have a lime green where the brown was - but it just didn't sit right overall.

A close up of the points! Did I say I was pretty happy with my first attempt.

Now to sit tight for a couple of days until the June block is posted!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Game / Puzzle Bags

Does anybody else make these????

Gorgeous little fabric bags that house games or puzzles so that vital pieces are not lost, particularly when the cardboard box splits etc. The beauty is that they are so super simple to make - just take a rectangle of fabric and sew up the sides. Add a casing to the top, thread in some cording and viola! 

I have also started placing a plastic piece on the front of the bag so I can slip in the name from the box if possible making it a little easier to identify which is which. The bags are also very forgiving in the sense that they can be made with a variety of fabrics. I mainly use leftovers of poly/cotton or quilting cotton.

I would be at a total loss if I did not know about this brilliant idea - not to mention it would just be utter chaos trying to find the million pieces for each game etc. We now have heaps of these little bags with their precious belongings in a big clear box!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunday Stash #64

Gosh - is it really Sunday again????

Not much stashing happening this week - I just have had one of those full on weeks, with zero time for me and unfortunately it looks like I won't get a day to myself until at least Tuesday when I have to start back on cleaning the house from the bomb that has hit it due to Miss 9 getting a new bed.

Anyway, onto the good stuff......

The Lego fabric has finally arrived from Spoonflower - so I can now get on to a very special birth present for my latest nephew Harrison!

Despite my saying that I was planning to avoid Spotlight - I did call in during the week to pick up some Red/White dot fabric and some white netting. Hubby has a Scout Camp coming up with a Disney theme and since Miss 9 already had this set of ears, I thought it would be a hoot to make a Minnie Mouse outfit. I laugh every time I think about this - Hubby is a rather solidly built fellow with red hair! I can just imagine him wearing this outfit complete with white gloves and a black handbag going down the Flying Fox at the camp - don't worry, I will make sure I get some photos to show you all.


And finally I managed to get all of this Poly fil for a mere $3 at one of our local Op Shops. I was just stoked. So now I have no excuse to make Mr 4 those Dinosaur softies that I have been putting off making.

Well I hope you all have had a much quieter and less stressful week than I have. Happy crafting to you all.

Linking up with the delightful Fi from Finding Fifth - make sure you head on over and read her post today about how she started the Sunday Stash posts a little over a year ago.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Bee Block

I am so proud of myself at the moment - I have finally caught up on all my outstanding Bee Blocks!
It feels so good!

May's Queen Bee was inspired by a placemat tutorial that she found over at Art Gallery Fabrics.
The tutorial can be found here!

This is the first time I have ever sewn with this colour combo - I don't mind it, but not sure if I would make a quilt in these colours.

My mind started to wander, wondering what June's Queen Bee block would be like, until I relised that I am Queen Bee for that month. I think I have finally settled on one - but I want to change the background colour to light grey instead of the white. So I will do up a sample block in the next few days and see if I like it before I make up my mind.

Happy Creating    xxxx

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday Stash #63

OMG - I am putting myself on a strict fabric diet!

 I have just pulled out all the yummy stuff that came into my possession last week so I could take some photos and I nearly died! So without further notice, I am on a ban with only the basic essentials to be added - until I have managed to at least complete the Must make soon pile which is stacked up next to my cutting table.

I was lucky enough to win not one lot of fabric yumminess - but TWO!!!!

This was a FB prize from the lovely Bella Patchwork store in Orange NSW.
I was lucky enough to choose two FQ's from the new Chevron range. My plan for these beauties will be a fabric basket for each of my children. The photo really doesn't do this fabric justice as each chevron has a textured weave look to it!

Secondly were these gorgeous FQ's from Fi over at Finding Fifth! I won these simply for linking up to Sunday Stash! So super easy!  Look how cute the tag is - I am planning on upcycling this to use on a card. As for the FQ's - the elephant fabric has already been earmarked for a coffee snuggly and matching tissue cover!

Any fabric in the mail is just heaven - but to receive such total yumminess without having to pay for it is just bliss.

OK, so now on to all the newly homed goodness that I had to pay for! LOL

I discovered the fantastic mag whilst I was back home visiting in the school holidays. It is a UK mag - but it is jammed packed with lots of cute stuff to make. I spotted the macaroon issue on a destash page on FB and just had to grab it. Mind you they were so popular that these were the only two left. 

The next lot of photos are my purchase from the Spotlight Sewing day, although the demonstrations at my store were fun and insightful  I was very disappointed that I was not allowed to use my spend $100 get $40 off voucher - despite the voucher stating that it included all sales items. There has since been an interesting thread on FB about how some stores let it go through, whilst other didn't. Actually all in all, it has left a bad taste in my mouth and I won't be heading back to Spotlight soon - which is a shame for my store in particular as I was in there at least once a week and I always tidied the quilting section up whilst I browsed. OH well! 

Some Polar Fleece to make some beanies, scarves and gloves for the kids

These patterns were 5 for $10 - so I stocked up on some new summer patterns for Miss 9.

I added some more Dr Seuss fabric to my collection - this is destined to be an oversized lap quilt for Mr 4 who is currently obsessed with The Lorax! I am searching for some of the Cat In The Hat books to read with him of a night time.

2 gorgeous bright FQ's that landed in my basket - I am hoping that these will be OK to use for the May Bee block.

This one is a little pure indulgence - but also a very special present for a friend.
I was reading my blog list last week and stumbled across a Modern Block QAL over at And Sew we craft - I really liked the look of some of the blocks and the fact that a lot of solids had also been used. It really struck a chord and at the same time I thought about how it would look fantastic draped over the back of the lounge of an extra special friend of mine who has helped me out more than she will ever know or I can tell her. So anyway, heres hoping that I can make each block and have this ready for her birthday next year. The photo does not show the true colours of the fabric - as they are light grey for the background, Hot fuchsia, Lime Green, Yam Orange and Coffee bean brown.

Well I had better get back to some Mummy duties, Mr 4 had some needles yesterday - so is resting in front of the tellie, but is demanding some lunch! LOL

Anyway, linking up to Sunday Stash over at Sew Happily Ever After!

Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bee Block Catch Up!

I am sew proud of myself - despite having such a yukky weekend thanks to family problems, misbehaving children and cows that didn't want to stay in their paddocks, I still managed to sew up 3 belated Bee blocks. This now brings me up to date with only May needing to be done!

I thought I would quickly share with you all the gorgeous blocks that I have made. I really enjoy being involved in a quilting bee - as not only do I get to help ladies make their quilts, but I also get to learn new techniques, colour combos and blocks.

Anyway, onto the blocks......

January's block - Winged Squares

You can find a tutorial for this block over at During Quiet Time here!

February's block - Polaroid 9 Patch

These amazing blocks were part of a quilt which is being donated to the Bushfire Relief.
You can find the tutorial for this block over at Finding Fifth here!

March's block - Sliced Scrappy block

The tutorial for this block can be found at Don't Call me Betsy here!

  April's block - Garden Fence block

You can find the tutorial for this block at Hyacinth Quilt Design here!
I have to smile at this block - it is this particular Queen Bee's second year of this one. Check out the quilt here she made using this block last year in Grey, Black, Yellow & White. It is just amazing. 

I am still yet to work out how to take great photos inside! The individual ones below are more true to colour. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Card sale over at Made By Kelly

My Cards for sale box if overflowing and I have no space for these new cards so....

Over on Made By Kelly on Facebook I am having a

(Free card is to be of the lesser value)

Snaffle up a bargain today and not to mention help me tidy up the box!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Stash #62

I hope everybody had a lovely day yesterday - it was Mother's day here in Australia, so after been woken rather early by some very excited kidlets thrusting presents in my face, I got to relax all day watching series 1 of Alias (again) and being looked after. I did also manage to find some time to wonder in to the Rotary Book Fair that is currently running in Coffs Harbour where I treated myself to the Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jean Auel. I have read this series twice now, so I was really stoked to have been able to pick up last year's issue of the series for $15.00ish all up.

Anyway, onto another belated Sunday Stash - seriously I am sure you will all totally die of shock if I manage to post a stash on the actual day! LOL

Last SS post - I told you to stay tuned for more Op Shop goodies that I had acquired.

These are two gorgeous pieces of fabric that I think someone was intending to make a blanket with as they were rolled up with backs together. It is a massive piece. I don't have anything planned for them - I just loved how intense the colours were. Would make a really cute bib, burp cloth etc.

Some precut flannelette squares - the two on the right are 5" charms from Moda. I am thinking some nice snuggly baby blankets!!!!

I am sure you will all recognise by the next two photos where I have been of late!!!!!!

Yep that's right - Spotlight. Lots of Flat Fat goodness. They had a sale on a couple of months ago when they were $2 something each - so I stocked up on some and popped them on layby with my Mother's Day present. The three in the bottom photo came about on my last visit when I tidied up their Flat Fat area for them as it was just a bombshell. 

Plus I also stocked up on some Homespun and Broadcloth solids for a project that I am working on! I am just waiting on some fabric to arrive from Spoonflower before I can finish it.\

And last but not least is a gorgeous Melly & Me toy softie book and seam ripper that I got for Mother's Day. YAY - just waiting for some kid free me time so I can create some of these cuties.

Anyway, as usual I am linking up with the fabulous Fi from Finding Fifth's Sunday Stash!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunday Stash on a Thursday!

I know I know - I have been missing in action for soooo long and then all of a sudden I turn up with a Sunday Stash post on a Thursday! The hide of me! 

I am sure you all understand how life just gets in the way some times - unfortunately for me, it was a couple of months worth all together! Plus not to mention that I happened to stumble across the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway week - which took me what seemed like a whole 100 bag box of tea to go through.  Fingers crossed that I win something.  If you haven't entered, head on over to the Sew Mama Sew page and enter one or two or hundreds - but be quick cause it ends soon.

Anyway, enough rambling Kel - get to all the good stuff that you have been shoving into the already overflowing cupboards of fabric of late.

Just a little warning that this post is very heavy on photos!

My Pezzy Print Jelly Roll arrived from Busy Thimbles - so now I can start the Squared Out pattern designed by the owner - Judy Hansen! Not quite sure who this one will be fore - but it was just one of those quilts that I just had to do!

A new revamped Australian Homespun arrived as well. I got a subscription as a Christmas present and I am totally loving the fact that it arrives in the mail and I don't have to go in to town to buy it. I am still not sure on the recycled paper feel of the pages though - but it is still brim full of total inspiration. 

These two lots were brought from The Wellington Patchwork store when the kidlets and I were down that way for the school holidays. The two Marmalade Charm packs are flannelette and I am hoping to team it with some plain flannelette to make a nice lap quilt. The bag pattern and FQ - were just too cute to resist. LOL

This butterfly fabric and matching button is destined to be a new Coffee Snuggly, as it seems my darling sister has lost the one that I had previously made for her. 

OK - now are you ready to see what $50 in an Op Shop can buy you?????
I am still over the moon with my bargain buys.

2mts of light pink pattern & 1mtr of the monkey print - both are quilting cotton weight. 

All of the above are FQ's and came in a bag for only $6.00 including the Strawberry Shortcake ones!

Some more quilting weight cotton and flannelette - all FQ size or bigger.

Some Mary Engelbreit fabrics - all well over the 1mtr mark.

Some red velcro (both sides), some wooden cotton reels to add to my collection, purple guiterman thread and some patterns.

More flannelette - 1 mtr of the monkeys and 2mtrs of the turtles.

and last but not least, 2mtrs plus of some bright red terry toweling, which I am going to use to back some bibs with etc.

I am pretty stoked with all my goodies, all of this was from 2 different Op Shops! 
I did go back again this Monday - but I will save those goodies for the next Sunday Stash.

I am linking this Sunday Stash post up to the lovely Fiona from Finding Fifth