Thursday, June 5, 2014

A birthday gift.....

Hi All!

I recently found myself in a position where I either had to pull my socks up pretty quick and 
finish a rather large project for a birthday present or create a new and much smaller project. Over a much needed cup of Earl Grey Tea, I decided to make my friend a mini quilt to use both as a trivet under her teapot when she uses it or hung as a wall hanging when not in use.

I adored the Sew Kitchy pattern range the moment that Kristy released it and make sure that I grab them whilst they are in their "Free" month. You can check out more over on Kristy's blog Quiet Play.

It truly was a dream pattern to put together - even for this very Paper Pieced Challenged person! LOL I stuck to a very retro colouring that I knew would suit my friend's Kitchen area. 

Actually I am kind of sad that I have given this away - as I am very pleased with myself for how it turned out. Although my friends just adores it and used it straight away!

Linking up with this week's Paper Piecing party over on Kristy's blog here!