Saturday, December 28, 2013

Square in a Square Quilt!

I thought it was about time I actually posted this - seeing that this quilt was given to my baby sister for her 21st back in September this year!

You might recall that this quilt started out as a Bee block back in October 2012 - or you can read about it here!  It is funny how this quilt has changed my thoughts of quilts - originally I believed that quilts should be made and stored in a cupboard where you occasionally got them out to view and stroke before lovingly putting them away again. But now at the completion of this quilt - I truly believe that they are to be used and adored on a daily basis , with how quickly it is worn out stating how much it was simply loved!

The pieced blocks before I added a black border........

...nothing like a little photogenic person to brighten up a shot!

I knew this big wooden front fence would come in handy for something one day. Just please remind me next time I want to take some photos to possibly de-cobweb it first!

And now the completed quilt after being gifted. I didn't get time to take photos first - so I was very lucky when Mum reminded me to take some before I left the family farm!

Up close showing the quilting job that Jenny did.

And a pieced backing (in Mum's words - cause that is what patchworkers do isn't it????)

There are a few thankyou's to be made in regard to creating this quilt. Firstly to Jane from Where Jane Creates for drafting the block up and giving me some invaluable advice on block construction etc. Then to the other 11 Bee members from my Bee group on FB - I only asked for 1 block in either the green or the purple colourway - yet they all sent me one of each! The quilting was done by Jenny McAdam who went above and beyond her role as the quilter to field many a distraught phone call about sizing and fabric batting and backing! And last but not least to Kristy from Quiet Play who (along with a little help from Marieka and Jane) taught me how to do a complete machine bound binding. 

I should also mention that my sister is totally in love with her new quilt! It now takes the place of the very first (and not proper) patchwork quilt I made her all those years ago in high school. I have a very unique and special bond with my sister - being, I was an only child of 15 years before she came along and "cramped" my style. You see my sister has two patchwork quilts - yet neither of my children or myself have one! She also has a teddy bear that I made her - yet neither of my children or myself have one. She is my sister and also one of my dearest and most cherish friends. Quite often when she asks me for advice I give her two sets - the older adult and now a parent myself version and then the carefree funloving sisterly version.

Anyway, now my big delima is what quilt to work on now???? Do I finish one of the quilts I currently have started on my design wall, do I cut into that Pezzy print Jelly Roll quilt from Busy Thimbles or do I start a completely new quilt from all those pins on Pinterest???????? 

Actually.........Hey Kristy!!!!!!!! How do you feel about designing me a Paper pieced set of Longhorns???????? Seems my baby brother would like a quilt too! LOL!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap - Round 2!

Sometime during my absence (see I was that busy that I can't even remember the month that it was is), I took part in the Sweet Pouch Swap that Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts hosted!


I was lucky enough to be partnered with the amazing and super talented Gemma from Pretty Bobbins.

I really struggled with what kind of pouch to make for Gem - I mean her patchwork and quilting skills are nothing less than amazing. So after much stalking and re-reading of her blog and pinterest pages, I decided to go on the cute factor and came up with this......

The cute mouse came from a book that I brought myself from Spotlight - unfortunately it is part of my Christmas present from the kids and is stashed away out of my reach, so I can't tell you the name of it. It is a Scandinavian Christmas one.

So, I had made this cute sweet pouch - now it was time to stuff it full of lots of yummy stuff. Gem had asked for licorice - one of her favourites from Australia that she was unable to get over where she lives.

It was so hard to keep the family out of these. Although I must admit the Cadbury Fury Friends were replaced twice - I just couldn't help myself they are the perfect size for that quick choccy hit.

I also add some fabric scraps, a cute retractable tape measure and a little card.

Considering this was my first fabric pouch that I had ever made, I was really chuffed with myself. I would be wrapped if I received this in the mail - so I only hoped that Gemma would too.

And I know by now you are all hanging out to see my gorgeous pouch....

EEK - Gemma I totally love it.

Gemma stalked me well! I am a blue girl to the core - although my sewing area is full of hot pink & lime green. 

How fun is the lining - too sweet!

I can't say that I got many lollipops - the kids made sure of that. But I did manage to hide and eat most of the chocolate and the marshmallow to myself. My little pouch has never left my office desk and now contains the money that my parents give to the kidlets for bookclub. Since the kidlets know not to touch this or they will miss out on book club, I have found it the perfect place to hide my sweet stuff! LOL - too perfect!

If you want to check out what the other swappers made/received head on over here to see.

Busy as a Bee.....

Well I am all sure by now you have noticed my lengthy absence for the past couple of months.
I have been super busy trying to finish my sister's quilt for her 21st, then I went away for a couple of weeks and then I got sick again and kids..... you know what it is like to have life just get in the way.

And just when I should be saying yep - I am about to start my Christmas sewing - I have joined up with another sewing Mumma to create String Theory for an upcoming market here in Coffs Harbour on 1st December. String Theory is all about making items that are made my recycled or vintage items, as well as sewn items that are reusable. 

Anyway, I wanted to quickly share with you the three bee blocks that I caught up on over the last few days.

Scrappy Sprouts for the September Queen Bee.

Low Volume & Bright for the October Queen Bee.

And string selvedge blocks for our current November Queen Bee.

These were all fun to make and not to mention valuable in building my patchworking skills.
Now just to get busy sewing for the Made with Love Markets in Dec and then I can think about creating a red & white block for the December Queen Bee who so kindly has put her request up early for those that get too snowed under with Christmas activities.

Cheers Kel xxxxx

Thursday, August 8, 2013

WIP Wednesday

OK - so it is really Thursday here in Australia - but can I claim that I am blogging on American dates & times! LOL!

WIP's needing to be done before our holiday in September:
35 x Inspirational journals (Commissioned order - materials are now here)
16 x Ladybug Eye masks (For a Scrapbooking retreat - have fabric & pattern)
Baby Harrison's Lego Bunting (part of his birth present - have fabric)
Eryn's Square in a square quilt (it's her 21st present)
Finally managed to do a layout sketch and work out exactly how many purple and green blocks I need. Have since made another 6 purple ones with only 10 more purple ones needed! I brought some more fabric to ensure that I now have enough to make all the blocks.
Everyday Angel quilt (it's Mum's birthday present)
I managed to finish another block and have assembled the next block with only the appliqué and embroidery to do on this one.

Other WIP's
Chook Coasters & matching table runner - fabric chosen
Umberella pouch - pattern copied, fabric chosen  Paper Peicing completed - now need to construct the pouch
Easy As ABC QAL - fabric chosen for F-J
And Sew We Craft MQAL - August Block
Queen Bee #1 - August Block for Alyce
Sweet Pouch Swap - I was lucky enough to get Gemma from Pretty Bobbins as my partner
FQS 2013 Designer BOM - Both Block 1 & 2 to complete and I am sure that Block 3 will be billed soon!

Completed WIP's
Knitted Bed runner - onto the last ball now. - COMPLETED!
Easy As ABC QAL - fabric chosen for A-E  A-E COMPLETED!

And to throw an even bigger hammer in the works - I have accepted to be on the Kaszazz stand at the Craft Alive Expo here in Coffs Harbour and then to also do a Mega Demo a fortnight later!
Lord give me the strength to pull all of this off!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

All work and NO PLAY!!!!

I have been driving myself insane the last couple of weeks trying to get these two quilts ready for Sept, as well as work on the my two commissioned jobs also for Sept. I had a severe case of All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

So instead of spacking it completely, I decided to do something fun and finally paper piece my umbrella that I have had sitting on my cutting table for god knows how long now. 

It is all Kristy from Quiet Play's fault!
LOL - this is one of her patterns (which you can get here) and she made the cutest little Rainy Day Money Pouch with it when she first released the pattern! As for me, I simply fell in love and just knew that I had to make one for myself.

The block by itself! Not a great join there on the handle piece - but I am happy with it and am damn proud of myself for finally biting the bullet and making it.

The block with the fabrics that I have also had sitting in the pile waiting to create my own little Savings for a Rainy day pouch.  As for the construction of that pouch - well that is another spack attack day down the future. So in the mean time this poor tiny block is looking very lonely and lost on my massive design wall.

Sunday Stash #74

Hmmm, pulling my newest additions out for photographing, I was suddenly aware that my fabric addiction was running somewhat in overdrive this week! LOL - WHOOPS!

I was in Spotlight today with Miss 9 and Mr 4 when Miss 9 announces to everybody that "Daddy said you weren't allowed to buy any more fabric until you started using some of what you had" to which Mr 4 quickly replied...."Well yes - but he isn't here.... is he? So Mummy is the boss now!" LOL 
Note to Hubby - seems that Scout State Rally trip cost you a little more than you expected LOL.

Anyway, onto the hoard load of photos.....
(And I probably should say a huge thanks to Hubby for buying me an El Cheapo camera to keep me out of mischief whilst he is gone - loves ya!)

My Spotlight trip today yielded......

Some more lime green and hot purple fabric to finish the main blocks on my sisters quilt. I am hoping to have the top finished next weekend so I can send it off to the quilters with plenty of time.

I simply could not walk pass the two on the left - they were only $4.99 normal price! So with SL's 40% off sale today - they were a great price to add to my stash. The right fabric is part of the Woodland Whimsy range that I am using in the Sew We Craft MQAL. I would prefer to use the damask print in the range for my scrappy border - but am happy to settle with this if need be.

Isn't this just the prettiest fabric you have seen! Yeah OK, perhaps it is not everyone's taste - but this is destined for little old me to make myself a pair of lounge pants/PJ bottoms. Perhaps even teamed with some of the left hand prints from above! I am not a huge Eiffel Tower fan - but when I saw this I just had to get some. It also comes in a teal colour which was also very tempting.

This little piece was such a cutie and at only $3.00 a metre I can see a cute Pillowcase top or two from this for a few little girls that I know.

OK, now on to some fabric that I brought from a FB page called OZARK in America. It is pretty sad that even with postage - these fabrics still work out much much cheaper than if I get them here in Australia.

A FQ Timeless Treasure bundle. I am thinking a mug rug set or even mini quilt out of these.

Some blenders to add into my stash.

I love this duo. Not 100% on what I am going to make with this yet. Perhaps a pair of Sailor Shorts for Miss 9 if I could find a size 10-12 pattern! Anybody know of a good one? Feel free to leave me the link!

And I have finally succumbed and added some Chevron love into my stash. 

Linking up to Sunday Stash over at What the Bobbin this week!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Easy As ABC QAL!!!!!!

What am I doing??? 
I have enough quilts and other projects on the go at the moment - so why did I sign up to do this one???? The answer??? ......I just can't help myself! LOL. I mean honestly who can so NO to a gorgeous rainbow quilt! 

The lovely Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts is currently doing an Easy As ABC Quilt Along! Run over 6 months - each month will see you create 5 gorgeous rainbow blocks featuring the alphabet & 1,2,3.
You can check out all the details here!

I would have loved to be able to have brought the gorgeous fabric bundles that Sew Lux are offering  especially for this QAL - but I decided to be good and try and use up all those FQ's that are in my stash! 
In order to accommodate what I had and then try to limit any extras that I had to buy - I rearranged my colour scheme a little so my quilt will turn out a rainbowed like this.....


So with colours and fabric sorted - I was off to start sewing!
(I apologise for the photos - long story - but in a nutshell Hubby had to take these on his phone.)

My first row all done! I was surprised at how easy and quick each block comes together.

I used up the last of my gorgeous red dot on red Riley Blake FQ. 

I simply adore this orange! If only the range included more colours instead of the Blue & Orange.

A huge thanks to Jane for coming to the rescue of my lack of yellow!

Want to hear a funny store behind this green???? I was given a Melly & Me Monkey softie kit for Christmas off my very soon to be SIL. I was short 1 light green and stumbled across this kit. So I thought I would be sneaky and cut the paper pattern out and then roughly pin it to the fabric and cut around it. That way what ever was leftover I could use for this block. Sounds logical! Well guess who only managed to cut out 1 arm and 1 leg in this fabric! Whoops! I sew hope that Busy Thimbles has some of this green left!

I am not sure who this quilt will be for, possibly Mr 4 or one of Hubbies good school friends are due to have their first baby soon, so perhaps to a special little person.

If you are interested in joining in - don't forget to head on over to Alyce's blog and check it all out. The instructions are easy to follow - well if I can do it then anybody can! There are also some wonderful prizes up for grabs too!

Sunday Stash #73

Hmmm, Monday again! 
This is not a habit that I am happy with I can assure you! It seems that technology is not my friend today :(

Anyway, on to some goodies that arrived in my mailbox this week!

Kaszazz - the party plan company that I am a consultant of - recently launched their latest catalogue! OH MY - talk about an exciting read. It is jammed packed of not only the products that we sell, but also full of ideas and workshops available. I am seriously trying to get hubby to get a second job so I can order everything of my wish list!

My 2nd block arrived from The Fat Quarter Shop! I am feeling a bit slack to already be behind. I did join a FB page for this BOM  though - hopefully this may kick start me into starting. I think the lack of my desire to start this quilt is the fact that I am currently working on two quilts for birthday presents in September, as well as two BOM quilts plus my Road to Fortune Bee Quilt. 

And last but not least - my ribbon order arrived from Polkadots & Lollipops Craft Supplies! I am a follower of this company on FB and when they shared a photo of the LEGO ribbon - I knew that I had to have some to use in baby Harry's bunting and at only 80c per metre it was a bargain. As for the rest of the ribbon, LOL - it sort of all just fell into my shopping cart.

Linking up to Fi @ Finding Fifth for yet another belated Sunday Stash!

My apologies for the extremely poor condition of these photos - the one and only camera in the house is refusing to take photos and in sheer desperation, Hubby took these on his phone for me!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday Stash #72

Hmmm, a day late (AGAIN - I hear you all say)!

I don't have any interesting things that have been added to my slowly growing stash! I did go to SL and buy 7 mtrs of Iron Grey Homespun for my Modern QAL & Road to Fortune quilts, plus 3 mtrs of Natural Unseeded Homespun for the Easy As ABC QAL!

See not very interesting at all! But.......

How about a photo of Hubby in his Minnie Mouse outfit instead?

I don't have a great shot and it was a case of quick try this on to see if it is OK as he walked out the door for the Scout weekend. 

I had asked a few people if they could take some photos over the weekend for me - but I am still waiting to get any!  Not the best costume I have ever made - but you certainly get the gist of who he is. He was happy with it all so I suppose that is what counts. I am also still waiting to get my new black leggings back - apparently they make great thermals underneath his work jeans for days like today that are cold wet and miserable. LOL

Anyway, linking up to Sunday Stash over at Quiet Play today!