Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Stash #74

Hmmm, pulling my newest additions out for photographing, I was suddenly aware that my fabric addiction was running somewhat in overdrive this week! LOL - WHOOPS!

I was in Spotlight today with Miss 9 and Mr 4 when Miss 9 announces to everybody that "Daddy said you weren't allowed to buy any more fabric until you started using some of what you had" to which Mr 4 quickly replied...."Well yes - but he isn't here.... is he? So Mummy is the boss now!" LOL 
Note to Hubby - seems that Scout State Rally trip cost you a little more than you expected LOL.

Anyway, onto the hoard load of photos.....
(And I probably should say a huge thanks to Hubby for buying me an El Cheapo camera to keep me out of mischief whilst he is gone - loves ya!)

My Spotlight trip today yielded......

Some more lime green and hot purple fabric to finish the main blocks on my sisters quilt. I am hoping to have the top finished next weekend so I can send it off to the quilters with plenty of time.

I simply could not walk pass the two on the left - they were only $4.99 normal price! So with SL's 40% off sale today - they were a great price to add to my stash. The right fabric is part of the Woodland Whimsy range that I am using in the Sew We Craft MQAL. I would prefer to use the damask print in the range for my scrappy border - but am happy to settle with this if need be.

Isn't this just the prettiest fabric you have seen! Yeah OK, perhaps it is not everyone's taste - but this is destined for little old me to make myself a pair of lounge pants/PJ bottoms. Perhaps even teamed with some of the left hand prints from above! I am not a huge Eiffel Tower fan - but when I saw this I just had to get some. It also comes in a teal colour which was also very tempting.

This little piece was such a cutie and at only $3.00 a metre I can see a cute Pillowcase top or two from this for a few little girls that I know.

OK, now on to some fabric that I brought from a FB page called OZARK in America. It is pretty sad that even with postage - these fabrics still work out much much cheaper than if I get them here in Australia.

A FQ Timeless Treasure bundle. I am thinking a mug rug set or even mini quilt out of these.

Some blenders to add into my stash.

I love this duo. Not 100% on what I am going to make with this yet. Perhaps a pair of Sailor Shorts for Miss 9 if I could find a size 10-12 pattern! Anybody know of a good one? Feel free to leave me the link!

And I have finally succumbed and added some Chevron love into my stash. 

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  1. Oh WOW! Awesome additions to your stash, my husband took away the credit card, so no purchases for me, love your little boys reasoning. Sounds like a good Mama's boy

  2. What a haul! I especially like the two red, birds, and the Eiffel tower print. Thanks for linking up :)

  3. I think the Eiffel Towers are romantic, especially in pink! Love the swirly blenders and chevrons! Great haul! :o)