Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap - Round 2!

Sometime during my absence (see I was that busy that I can't even remember the month that it was is), I took part in the Sweet Pouch Swap that Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts hosted!


I was lucky enough to be partnered with the amazing and super talented Gemma from Pretty Bobbins.

I really struggled with what kind of pouch to make for Gem - I mean her patchwork and quilting skills are nothing less than amazing. So after much stalking and re-reading of her blog and pinterest pages, I decided to go on the cute factor and came up with this......

The cute mouse came from a book that I brought myself from Spotlight - unfortunately it is part of my Christmas present from the kids and is stashed away out of my reach, so I can't tell you the name of it. It is a Scandinavian Christmas one.

So, I had made this cute sweet pouch - now it was time to stuff it full of lots of yummy stuff. Gem had asked for licorice - one of her favourites from Australia that she was unable to get over where she lives.

It was so hard to keep the family out of these. Although I must admit the Cadbury Fury Friends were replaced twice - I just couldn't help myself they are the perfect size for that quick choccy hit.

I also add some fabric scraps, a cute retractable tape measure and a little card.

Considering this was my first fabric pouch that I had ever made, I was really chuffed with myself. I would be wrapped if I received this in the mail - so I only hoped that Gemma would too.

And I know by now you are all hanging out to see my gorgeous pouch....

EEK - Gemma I totally love it.

Gemma stalked me well! I am a blue girl to the core - although my sewing area is full of hot pink & lime green. 

How fun is the lining - too sweet!

I can't say that I got many lollipops - the kids made sure of that. But I did manage to hide and eat most of the chocolate and the marshmallow to myself. My little pouch has never left my office desk and now contains the money that my parents give to the kidlets for bookclub. Since the kidlets know not to touch this or they will miss out on book club, I have found it the perfect place to hide my sweet stuff! LOL - too perfect!

If you want to check out what the other swappers made/received head on over here to see.