Sunday, May 26, 2013

Game / Puzzle Bags

Does anybody else make these????

Gorgeous little fabric bags that house games or puzzles so that vital pieces are not lost, particularly when the cardboard box splits etc. The beauty is that they are so super simple to make - just take a rectangle of fabric and sew up the sides. Add a casing to the top, thread in some cording and viola! 

I have also started placing a plastic piece on the front of the bag so I can slip in the name from the box if possible making it a little easier to identify which is which. The bags are also very forgiving in the sense that they can be made with a variety of fabrics. I mainly use leftovers of poly/cotton or quilting cotton.

I would be at a total loss if I did not know about this brilliant idea - not to mention it would just be utter chaos trying to find the million pieces for each game etc. We now have heaps of these little bags with their precious belongings in a big clear box!


  1. That's a clever idea. I especially like the plastic for the game name!

  2. Not to mention it is a great way to recycle those sheet/doona cover plastics!