Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beanbags for Playgroup!

Remember how I had weight issues with Sasha the Travelling Stash and how I felt so bad for taking more than I put in?????  Anyway it was suggested that maybe some of the extras that I took out could be given/donated to a local charity etc.

Well - I did just that. Our local playgroup which only consists of 4 Mums and 5 kids was only just talking the other day about some games that we could play with the kids that would help teach them some fine motor skills. It got me thinking and I decided to make some small bean bags for them to use balancing on their heads or throwing into small buckets etc.

So I put these two ideas together and used 2 of the FQ's that I took from Sasha and turned them into 8 very bright and colorful bean bags for Playgroup!  I used Split peas as the filler and they have such an awesome feel to them in your hand - or on your head (Yes I had to make sure that they would work) LOL!

I am sure the kids are going to love playing with these, as my two, Miss 8 and Mr 3 have already been playing with them!  So a big thankyou to Sasha and all her contributors who have in turn helped me donate something useful and needy to our local playgroup.

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