Friday, June 15, 2012

Mug Rug Swap - Sneak Peek

Hi All!

I had an interesting day at home today with the little fellow and Miss Snow! Not much of anything going on in particular - a lot of ABC Kids watching though and some time outside to let Miss Snow have a green feed pick whilst we collected some kindling for the fire.

I did however manage to finish a rug mug that I was making for a swap on the FB group page - Quilting Club Australia, that was due (shhhhh - Mid May).  I have been partnered up with a lovely lady and now friend Bev. It was really fun to find out what Bev likes/dislikes etc in order to make her a rug that she will hopefully use for years to come.

Because I haven't posted this little parcel yet - I can only show you all a sneak peak.

I can tell you that it feels fantastic to finally have finished one of the many WIPs (Work in Progress) that I have piling up on my cutting table. I kept putting each step off as I was unsure whether it was right or not - silly me!  Hopefully Bev will adore her little Mug Rug and the few other surprises that I have put in with it. I will post a picture of the completed rug once I get confirmation that it has arrived. Now that it is finished I can sit back and enjoy the thrill for mine to arrive - hmmm, I wonder what she has made me?????

Mind you my delima now is whether or not this little mug rug is big enough or even technical enough to enter into the UFO Challenge - June 2012. Decisions decisions! LOL

Cheers Kel

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