Thursday, February 6, 2014

February - ALYOF

WOW - I can't believe that February is upon us already!

I managed to go all January without any fabric purchases - but had to do a bit of fabric shopping on 1st Feb to finish my 2 swap items so I could get them in the mail. 

As for what projects I am planning on doing for Feb - I am eager to set myself a quilting project but on the other hand, I have a birthday present, a new birth present and a few other little things that I have been putting off that I would like to see gone from my cutting table to make way for more fun items. Feb is also a short month and I have hubby working one weekend and away for Scout training another - so less sewing time for me.

Anyway, I am proposing that for the month of Feb I shall complete........

# Sleep shorts & PJ bottoms for my brother for his birthday.

# A mushroom rattle as part of a new niece birth present.

# Hairband for Moo in her School fabric

# My terracotta pin pot


# At least 1 block from Will's ABC quilt or Mum's Everyday Angel quilt.

Hopefully I can achieve all of this. The mushroom, hairband and pin pot are really quick simple items that I had been planning on making for a while now - but keep putting off even though I know they really are only 1/2 hour to an hour job. So the only real work will be in the birthday present for my brother and the quilt block.

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