Sunday, October 5, 2014

A super quick SNUGGLE quilt.....

3 HOURS!!!!!

Yep you read that right - it took me just under 3 hours to whip this little snuggle quilt up for a friends 40th recently. Honestly it took me longer to measure the squares out then it did to sew it all up.

Please excuse the mess in the background and just focus on the quilt - LOL.

This is the first time that I have ever used minkie as the backing on a quilt and I must say that I am now a convert.

Despite having perfectly met corners - I still added some button features, which also gave a bit more stability to the quilt sandwhich and will ensure that the backing won't move about over time!

The recipient just loved it and immediately went and put it on her new black leather lounge.  So I am super chuffed - not to mention I am still on a high for making this super quick and the fact that I have my sewjo back! 

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