Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Look what I found.....

I know I am on a self imposed fabric ban and I probably should have held this post off until a Sunday Stash, but I am just sew sew excited by this find that I had to share it with you all NOW!!!!!

We have a dreaded viral infection going through our house at the moment - so imagine my delima when on Wednesday I had both kids home from school sick and then our power went out for scheduled maintenance! Bugger Bum Poop!

You see - because we live on a farm - without power, we can't flush the toilet or even get a glass of water without electricity to run the house pump. And to to it all off, because our tank is underground - we can't even manually get any water!

So here I was stuck at home in the dark with two sick kids! EEK!!!!! Normally I would have taken them to the park to play or down to the beach - but neither of them had any extra energy to run around and play. So... we decided to go Op Shop Hopping!

The kids between them got some books to read and the Monopoly Board game - the Australian Edition. But the biggest and bestest find of the day was mine..... ALL MINE!

Check out this total yumminess of Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey. The charm pack was $8.00, $1.50 for the red FQ and only $5.00 for the yard of blue birds on mushrooms! OMG - this range has been on my drool list for ages now.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I should use my precious Walk in the Woods goodies???? Feel free to leave me a comment or even a link in the comment section below!

But wait.... there was still even more yumminess to be found!

I also picked up 2 charm packs of Blush for yep $8.00 each, a Melly & Me Ladybird pattern for $1.00 and then this sweet 2.5" charm pack of Avalon.

Despite my spending whilst on my ban, I was very well contained and managed to leave lots of other yummy goodness behind.

Now I should be saying I had hurry up and go and hide all of this before the Hubby gets home - but truth be told - I was sew sew excited that I showed him before he had even gotten fully in the front door when he popped home for some more fencing gear. LOL.

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