Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Stash #65

WOW - I can't believe that I managed to forget Sunday Stash yesterday - I even took photos yesterday! 

Anyway, so here is my Sunday Stash  the Monday version!

Well so much for my self imposed Fabric Ban and not to mention my plain to boycott Spotlight! I went in to buy some Light Grey Homespun for my Bee Block and ended up walking out with all of the above. Some of the highlights in this buy included.......

You have got to love Selvedge fabric though! I have big plans for this metre piece - either a scarf with a minky lining or the inside of a bag. Either will be a little bit of indulgence all for me.

This is what I was meaning to buy (Light Grey Homespun) but when I came home I realised that I had actually brought 3.5mtrs of Iron Grey! GRRRRRRR - I will eventually use it, but it doesn't help me for my Bee Block. The four colours are also for my Bee Block, which I had better get a wriggle on with seeing that I am Queen Bee for my group this month.

This lot of fabric is destined to become a Roly Poly Pinafore for Miss 9. Stay tuned as I am really excited about this all thanks to a blog post over at Rose & Deliah.

And I just couldn't walk past this satin at a huge $2 per metre - downside there is only 2.7mtrs here - but enough to make myself a pair of satin jamma pants and possibly Miss 9 as well!

Anyway, that is my Monday version of Sunday Stash.

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  1. And that was just the highlights? Boy, that was some accident you had. (It was an accident wasn't it? You slipped and the fabric just fell into your basket?)

    I'm loving the selvage fabric too.

    1. Argh, yes - Yes it was an accident! LOL.

  2. Arrrr i hate when you pick up the wrong shade. So back to Spotty you go. Looking forward to what you choose as your block for the Bee.