Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Stash - #3 2015

I can't believe that Sunday Stash is here again - and really two Sunday Stashs' since I missed last weekend as I was at a 21st and away from my computer. Honestly the last two weeks in January have just flown by.

I grabbed a Frixion pen when I was in Woolworths the other week - I have read many blogs and FB posts of people swearing by how good these are, so whilst they were only $2.00 I grabbed myself one. I figured at that price if it doesn't work on my fabric - at least I still have a pen to write with.

I know I know - some NEW fabric - which shouldn't be so, but...... the pink is intended to make a Hazel the Hedgehog that is currently doing the rounds in blogland. I think she is very very cute and Miss Moo went nuts when she saw her. I am hoping to participate in the QAL that is happening if I can spare some time.
 As for the Aqua and the red - they are for a string quilt that I have been wanting to make for ages now. This was the very first block that I made for a Quilting Bee that I was apart off and ever since then I have been slowly collecting scrap bits here and there.

Did you know that Big W sells fabric???? It really is a case of pot luck though - but last week I was able to pick up a cute FQ of some Melly & Me fabric, as well as a Meter piece of some aqua for the string quilt. My kids think I am nuts whenever I go as not only do I go through each and every one - but I put them all back in their right colour bays from lightest to darkest! 

My birthday present last year from my MIL was a subscription to the Handmade magazine - so it is always lovely to receive some nice mail for a change. And it also makes me feel less guilty about buying two magazines a month.

Anyway, as usual linking up to the Sunday Stash over at Molli Sparkles.

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