Saturday, January 31, 2015

ALYOF - Jan Finish!

Well I made it......but only just!

January was meant to be my nice quiet month of only 1 child, minimal housework, watching the Charmed Series and an almost endless supply of chocolate, wine and sushi! It was meant to be all about me - quality me time - just me and my sewing machine!  

Yet here I am with a bit over an hour posting about my finishes for January - as part of the A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015 and only just finishing off my goals and wondering where on earth January went!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here's how I went.........

#1 - Superman Sleep Shorts - still currently in production. Just a few more seams and hems and they will be done.

#2 - Fox Cushion. I had so much fun working on this one. I was able to stitch and watch Charmed at the same time - so a huge win win for me. Originally I had planned on making a cushion for Mr 5, although the more I stitched the more I fell in love with this fellow and I have now decided to keep making more of these blocks and make the full quilt.  Bugger you Toni from Me and My Red Boots for making such an adorable pattern - this was the year of finishing projects - not starting yet another quilt!!!!!!!!!!

I am totally loving the tone on tone chevron yellow that I used for the backing - I am thinking next time I am in the vicinity of Spotlight, I might grab some of the other colours for the rest of the quilt.

#3 - My Bonnie & Camille Interwoven Quilt. I thought I would be ecstatic when I finally finished this top, but now I am finding myself wondering whether or not to put a white border around it before quilting it???? and also do I still use the red n white minky for the backing as planned or should I just stick to a plain cotton backing????? Decisions decisions. I think I will pop this one aside for the time being and take it to my next Quilt Group and ask the girls for their thoughts. 

#4 Everyday Angel Block - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have finally finished another block. Only three more to go and then I can put the top together.  Just in case you didn't get the drift at the start of January - I am so over this quilt. Mind you stitching and watching Charmed episodes has made it go a lot quicker. 

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