Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sunday Stash - #1 2015

Unlike last year - I am not putting myself on a self imposed no new fabric ban (which I will point out that only lasted around 6 months anyway). But in saying that I am going to try and make a conscious effort to use what is in my stash - only buying new fabric for an actual project that I am currently working on, when there is nothing in my stash that is suitable. 

A few new goodies this week that snuck in.....

Some softer reds, greys and a black n white. These lovely FQ's are destined to be a quilt for one of my Aunts.The pattern I have decided to use is Short & Sweet from the September 2014 issue of Homespun, which is a gorgeous quilt by Sue Bellini featuring Dachshunds. As my aunt owns a Dachshund called nothing other then Schnitzel von Krum, I thought this was only fitting. Her favourite colour is also red and last time I visited, her new black leather lounge was looking very plain and screaming for a fun and funky quilt to be loving drapped over it. Seeing this is a combined Christmas and Birthday present (and her birthday is in May), I had better get a wriggle on this one. 

Would you believe that I found these two gorgeous prints on the clearance table at Spotlight in Port Macquarie???? Despite being marked $8 and $10 respectively, I held my ground, waiving my SL catalogue and pointed to the only sign on the table stating that all clearance fabric was now only $4 per metre. The result - I got 1.7m of the pink birdcages and 3m of the flying birds for the bargain basement price of only $4m.  Mind you Miss almost 11 has claimed the flying birds for a pair of PJ pants and cushion once she learns how to sew - LOL.

This Cat in the Hat Panel was also only $4, so I snavelled up one of these to put with my growing collection of Seuss fabric which will one day be made up into a cot quilt.

I know, I know - my first paragraph said no new fabric unless it was for a current project - but how could I walk past these lovelies at such a fantastic price.

Anyway, linking up with the fabulous Molli Sparkles - Sunday Stash and the #SewMyStash 2015!


  1. The birds will make great (and cheap) pj's! Good luck with the dachshund quilt, I'm intrigued.
    Bargain fabrics are such a problem aren't they, I've got some £3.30 per metre fabric sat in an online basket right now, my heart tells me buy it now, some shops here sell FQ's at that price! My head directs me at the fabric stash telling me I don't need it! BUT for quilt backings it might have to be done.

  2. OH I know that feeling too well. But at that price - how can you not buy it????? I can't wait to start on the Dachshund quilt - I just need a few more soft red and Black & White FQ's before I can start.