Monday, October 22, 2012

Polaroid Block Swap

Kristy from over at Quiet Play is hosting a fun block swap - Say Cheese! Polaroid Block Swap.

The object being to make up to 50 of these blocks, send them to her and then she will send you back the same number - but different ones.

You can follow the tut to make the blocks up here at Capitolaquilter.

I managed to sew most of my 50 blocks whilst I was happily chatting at Quilt Group and I am proud so say I am now a huge fan of chain piecing. It just makes it oh so much quicker.

It bugs me a tad that I am not able to trim them - but I understand that they will travel better untrimmed and also, they will be all uniform if you cut the ones that you received yourself.

I am hoping that I get enough Owls (6 or 9) to make my Mum a polaroid cushion for Christmas. I saw a lovely example the other day - but for the life of me, I now can't find it.  As for the remainder of the blocks that I get back - I will one day (Yes probably once the kids have left home and I am retired) make it into an I Spy kind of quilt.

Before I sign off, I just quickly want to share the gorgeous Vintage FQ's that I received from a swap that Jane hosted over at Where Jane Creates.

I already have a project in mind for these beauties - a simple and elegant bed runner with matching pillowslips! However, the pattern is in a book that I brought for the kidlets to give to me for my birthday - so alas, another few weeks worth of waiting.


  1. Your blocks look great! I'm sure we can manage for a few owls to find their way into your block pile!

  2. Kelly, love those vintage fabrics! I need to go to the Salvos and see if I can find some there. They are so unique and classic. Can't wait to see your project!