Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday Stash #70 (On a Monday)


Talk about an utter BLOWOUT this week!

So I managed a whole two weeks on this no spending on this Fabric or crafting addiction obsession habit of mine and then it came time for me to knuckle down and put a years worth of info into MYOB (a computer software for our small business) and that my dear blog readers is where everything went down hill at an alarmingly quick rate!

Even the usual soul soothing that purchasing sweet fabric and books brings, eluded my lifeless data entry slump of a person I became during that time.

However, I can happily report that the tax work is now at the Accountant's, I have a cake in the oven as a long overdue reward for the Hubby and the kidlets and I have an overflowing pile of new yumminess to pet and drool over!  

Anyway, I am sure you are all dying to see what I have managed to hoard during my period of blah and not to mention that I am finally in a mood to share it all! LOL......

I had been eyeing this gorgeous book for a while now! Well in my cranky state on a visit to Spotlight for something else - this simply fell into the basket with the excuse that it was payment for the work that I was currently doing! LOL

This is the actual reason I went into Spotlight in the first place! I had a layby that was overdue - imagine my surprise when I realised that it was a stack of FQ's and a skinny jelly roll.

I simply adore Red & Aqua - it all started with my very first Bee block ever, a Red & Aqua string block. Since then I have been stashing whenever I can, anticipating a Red & Aqua quilt of my own.

Not quite sure why I got these one, as they are not my usual colouring - but they are destined for Chook Coasters, A table runner and if I have enough left over a half circle bunting for my open plan kitchen/dining area.

This lot I have NO IDEA why I got these other than they are bright and the very top green Flat Fat has owls on them. Obviously when I picked them I had some plans - but in the mean time they will just go in the stash for a rainy day opportunity. 

Maybe perhaps it is time to start teaching Miss 9 1/2 how to sew. But then that would open up another problem - do I let her sew on my Trusty Rusty or buy her her own machine. Should I upgrade myself to the Brother machine that I have my heart set on and pass TR down????? Oh decisions decisions!

Anyway, back on to my increase in stash - some Dr Seuss fabric from a de stash page on FB! I had I just had to have this one for the scrappy quilt that I plan on making hopefully for Mr 4! But knowing my quilting rate - it will be a baby quilt for whenever my Brother or Sister decide to get married and have kids. Disclaimer since they are only 19 and 20 - I think I am safe for a good couple of years yet. LOL

More Dr Seuss, this time from Big W! Would you believe that the Dr Seuss FQ's cost more than the yard of each of the owls?????? All less than $4 each though - so no complaints there. I am thinking some cute owl handbags to sell on my FB page may be in order!

The July issue of Homespun arrived! Even my postie gets excited when this arrives - if I am not out the front  waiting, he will yell out to let me know its here. This time, the poor mag got thrown onto a pile of other mags  still in its plastic!  I must find some time to make a cuppa and sit down and start drooling from cover to cover like normal.

But wait..... I still have more! Told you I had blown out big time!

My 2013 Designer Mystery BOM arrived from The Fat Quarter Shop.  The delightful Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts inspired me to join up to this BOM. I also grabbed the finishing kit as well. I figured it didn't really matter what was on the back - but I did want the borders etc to match on the front.

How cute is the little 2.5" Charm pack of Avalon! It was a freebie for signing up to the BOM. A new lady to our quilt group made a gorgeous bag last time using some 2.5" charm packs and I am hoping that I could possibly borrow the pattern to make one for myself.

Plus....... What! I hear you say..... MORE!!!!!
Yep - more - but this time for my other passion, Scrapbooking and Cardmaking!

A mammoth order from Kaszazz - an 100% owned Australian company that I am a consultant for. Check out my other blog - Kel's Kaszazz Kaleidoscope for more details on my paper crafting obsession.

And then there were some totally yummy rolls of Whimsy Farm Twine! The top 3 are for a Scrapbooking retreat that I am organising with my Mum for later in the year - but the rest are all for me! LOL! This is such a versatile product. Not only do I use it in my card making and scrapbooking, but they are great to dress up wrapped presents, to add tags to home-made gifts etc. And it is only $5 per roll which is a whooping 100 metres in length. Postage is great too - a flat rate shipping of $8.00 for a satchel which is told it can be stuffed with a total of 42 rolls! I definitely recommend checking out Whimsy Farm Twine on FB.

 Believe it or not, I know I still have some more goodies stashed - but I have stashed them so good that I now can't find them (or more likely thrown it somewhere in disgust that I couldn't play with it straight away). 

Oh well - I will save those for another week!

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Linking up to Gemma over at Pretty Bobbins who is playing host this week!

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  1. Wow looks like you have loads of yummy stuff out there!! I'm especially jealous about those pretty twines! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week!!
    With love from California, Amy