Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sunday Stash #71

WOW - I can't believe that Sunday is here upon us once again.

Not too much has been added to my stash this week - although I have joined the bandwagon on buying up big with Spotlights $1 Flat Fats this week.  I added a little over 60 odd to my collection - with the justification of:  I plan to sell some of my handmade goodies at our local Made with Love Markets here in Coffs Harbour at Christmas time and this price was just too good of an opportunity to leave.

This little bevy below will be destined for Coffee Snugglies, Pocket Tissue Holders, Chook Coasters, Heat Packs and a whatever other little delights I stumble across between now and then.

I also added these lovely prints to my stash and at only $4 per metre were somewhat of a bargain.
I am planning on making myself a bucket hat, with the red as the outer and the raindrops for the underside. I am also tempted to make a mug rug or a mini quilt with some of this too. The Lovely Kristy from Quiet Play has a gorgeous Umbrella paper piecing block in her Craftsy store which would work brilliantly with this fabric as well.

Linking up with the brilliant Fi from Finding Fifth for Sunday Stash!

As for me, I had better keep moving - I am currently sewing Hubby's Minnie Mouse costume! Gosh it is going to be such a wag! He has made me promise not to publish any photos until after the event! LOL - we'll see!

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Are those gnomes with guitars? Too cute!

  2. Sweet have fun stitching all of those goodies.

  3. Ooh great haul! Yay you for planning to do the Made with Love markets - great idea!

  4. Oh wow. I went to Spotlight in Singapore while I was there for a few days and was so disappointed - they had the same FQ deal but only about 8FQ's left!! Obviously was very popular!

  5. wow, really awesome stash :) I'm looking forward to see all those projects you will sew..

  6. I am sure there will be no flat fats left at my local Spotty by the time I go today. Well done for getting there in the school holidays.