Sunday, January 5, 2014

January: Lovely Year of Finishes

Hi my name is Kelly..... and it has been 6 days now since my last fabric purchase!

As you are all aware by now - I am on a self imposed (but highly endorsed by Hubby) fabric ban. I tend to buy fabric with plans for it, because it was cheap or popular or simply because I just had to have it. 9 out of 10 times, I would simply put all of this fabric into a pile on my cutting table which would then get moved to a plastic tub or enviro bag as other fabric took it place etc. So..... I hear you ask!!!!!

Well imagine my surprise when I finally stumbled onto the Fiber of All Sorts blog and read about the Lovely Year of Finishes that they run on a monthly basis! ****** Ding! Ding! Ding! ******
This is exactly the motivation that I had been looking for enabling me to stop feeling sorry for myself not being able to buy more fabric and start looking at what I had in my stash and how I could finally use it!

So for the month of January I propose that I want to finish:

#Will's John Deere Tractor Summer PJ's.

#Moo's Ruffle skirt - which is already cut out but I lost motivation when I had to change the thread on the overlocker from black to white. 


#Will's Australia Day long drill shorts!

On top of the above sewing, I also need to complete:
QCA Bee #1 - December Star block 
QCA Bee #1 - January Peel Improv block
Valentines Day Swap to be posted Feb 1st
Sweet Pouch Swap to be posted Feb 1st

Hmmmm - certainly looks like a lot of things to be done when you write it all down like that - but due to some yucky things that are happening in my life at the moment, I think all of this will be a lovely diversion and not to mention much needed therapy for me!

Anyway, these are the goals that I have set myself for January - fingers crossed that I get them all done - but honestly, if it is only the bottom four that I finish I will still be wrapt and consider it a very successful sewing month. Linking up to Fiber of All Sorts........

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