Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Stash #1 - 2014

 WOW - here we are for the first Sunday Stash of 2014 and also the first time in Sunday Stash's new home over at Molli Sparkles

It is very sad to see one of my favourite blogger events leave my good friend Fi over at Finding Fifth  - but on the other hand I have loved how Molli has re-vamped SS without loosing what it is all about. I also think it is brilliant that he has taken into consideration the many people that have decided to go on self imposed fabric bans! As you are aware - I am one of those people - so I really was jumping for joy when I read that I could still participate without the need for purchasing new fabric! Molli Girl - you rock!

Anyway, I have two things which I might have accidently purchased on my last trip to Spotlight before Christmas - these two items have become much needed tools in my goal of using my stash!

I am totally in love with this gorgeous book - Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris! There are 16 yummy quilts in this book and honestly there is only 2 in here that I possibly wouldn't make - but then again if I had that special fabric - you never know.  I love how this book also offers multiple sizing options as well - perfect for a beginner like me!

These little babies should be found in all quilter's craft areas - they are Flat Fats Storage boxes! I grabbed 2 to give them a go and I wish I had picked up more before people realised just how good they are. Although they are made out of plastic - once assembled they are so strong and sturdy.

My biggest decision/delima now is on how I should store my Flat Fats! Should I store them in colour order like the OCD in me would like - or do I store them in fabric range sections like the practical person wants????? Decisions decisions! 

Oh and I should also let you know that these two boxes are now chock a block full!

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  1. You should store your fat flats the way you quilt - do you tend to plan more quilts based on a fabric line, or a colourway?
    I normally do colourways, hence I store by colour.

    1. Great advice Jane - yes I usually do quilt via a colourway!
      Storing by colour it is then - that is how I keep all of my scraps anways!

  2. Will keep my eye out for those boxes, rarely keep any fat flats I use like taht but they would be perfect for scrap storage

    1. I could see how they would be perfect for scrap storage. Although it might be a bit on the expensive side. I store mine in big lidded rectangle tubs that I get from The Reject Shop for only a couple of dollars each.

  3. Love the fact the boxes are see through so you can see all the fabric inside. Also for storage, I do both....some are in colors and my favorites fabric line or designers are stored together :-)