Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday Stash #2 - 2014 (On a Monday)

Hi All - my name is Kelly and it has now been 13 days since I last purchased any fabric!

My apologies for not posting this yesterday - but I have the bestest reason why I didn't!

 I spent the weekend in Port Macquarie helping to celebrate the wedding of my BIL and his bride! It truly was a glorious day! Miss almost 10 was a junior bridesmaid and I couldn't have been more prouder if I tried - I literally beamed and so did she!

This is one of my favourite shots so far (I am sure this will change when I get the professional shots back) - but this shows the Bride and Miss almost 10 sneaking a peek from the Hotel suite door to check out the wedding guests as they walked into the church! 

Anyhow, not much to report this week! 

I finally managed to get hold of the latest Homespun Magazine - just as well as I was having major withdrawals!
 My MIL gave me a subscription for Christmas 2012 - the best gift she has ever given me - but it ran out in December 2013. So it is back to me having to scour the newsagents to find it. Believe it or not - I picked this copy up at Coles in Port Macquarie!!!!!!

I have flicked through it a couple of times - but still waiting to find some time to put my feet up with a cuppa and read it from cover to cover!

And a temporary addition to my stash......

I am a bit of a Sarah Fielke fan - so imagine my total surprise when I stumbled across this at our local library! Of course I snavelled it up and refused to let go of it! Even the librarian had to pry it out of my hands so she could scan it onto my library card.

There are soooo many quilts in here that take my fancy! I was going to photocopy a few of the patterns in here to make..... until I realised that I wanted pretty much ALL of them! So this book has bumped its way up to the top 5 of my REALLY WANT TO GET booklist.

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