Saturday, January 4, 2014

Is it just a crazy Mummy thing?????

Am I the only crazy Mummy out there who at 9.45pm - gets the urge to sew!!!!!!

Let me set the scene for you...... it was 9.45pm the night before I have to get up at 5.30am to make sure my almost 10yo child is up, showered and ready to be put on a bus at 7am across the other side of town so she can attend the Cub Scout Cuboree and I finally decide to sit down and make that pillowcase and matching mess kit that I had planned on making!!!!!

You see it all started months ago when I found out the 2014 Cuboree's theme would be Once Upon A Time (thanks Mum and hubby for being part of the planning and organising of this huge event), on a trip to my local Spotlight store, I discovered that the Nursery Rhyme range had been reduced to only $6 per metre. I knew I just had to have some! I was envisioning Mess kit bags for Mum, Hubby, Miss almost 10, Miss almost 10's Cub leader, A friends son and her husband that was going as a parent helper. Yep - Mess Kit galore!!!!!

However, despite my good intentions and the fabric sitting on my cutting table since way before Christmas, I just never got round to cutting them out. Perhaps it was only the pure guilt of seeing that fabric almost every day that led to me finally cutting out the pillowcase and mess kit. Mind you I shouldn't really complain - even hubby got in on the act a little before 11pm to help!

The completed pillowcase. I used this great tutorial from Flowerpress! There were many great tutorials out there in blog land - but what I loved about this was one was that it gave you multiple sizing, colour pictures and it also had the inside flap that holds the pillow inside the case.

Hubby helping me make the Mess kit - which will house a cup, bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon and tea towel.

The two finished items together - I must admit I felt oh so chuffed when I had finished and then devasted when Hubby pointed out that we had to use a Sharpie pen to put her name on each of them!

Miss almost 10 was wrapped with her new pillowcase - as for the Mess kit we swapped it for her old one (the pink one in the photo) and didn't tell her about it until she was hoping on the bus ready to go with her gear bag stored safely in the bus cargo compartment! But I am sure she is going to love it and we are bound to hear her squeal with delight all the way from bottom of NSW!

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